Bike tour on the Hungarian Slovenian borderline

The Hungarian Cyclists’ Club has been invited to Lenti, Hungary by a local NGO called Mocorgók between 14-15 October in order to participate on a study tour followed by a bike tourism workshop. The weather seemed uncertain when leaving the capital at 8AM but my neon-yellow raincoat has slowly but successfully chased the clouds into a safe distance.

Here is a route on bikemap to show you the area:

Bike route 436641 – powered by Bikemap

We stayed at a farm close to the Lenti Thermal Spa where the small city meets the surrounding forests bordered by cornfields and vineyards. The place offers not only bed and breakfast but horse riding, sport equipment and bike rental, guided bike theme tours, fishing, hunting and delicious meals in the neighbourhood’s restaurants. I feel I’ve gained 3 pounds extra in only 30 hours, though I had some gastronomic orgasm while tasting the local fruit distillates (pálinka) and fresh deer stew. Anyway, cycling 25 and 50 kms on these two days has burnt most of the calories so I don’t really need to worry about my shape.


On saturday, right after lunch we got our trekking bikes from our host Andi and soon we were on the bike path passing next to our accommodation. The route used to be a narrow railway track for the forestry, thus there are no steep climbs but neither an extra wide cross section. Tourism in general is not highly developed in this part of the country. Therefore we rarely met others on the forest’s bike routes so we could ride next to each other and discuss our perceptions.

First of all, road conditions were awful especially where it used to be paved (some 40 years ago) but I quickly realised that these bad roads take us to incerdible places.


And finally, here comes one of my favourite bike paths ever! Narrow and steep like a snake climbing on a giant tree…