Online Bike Maps

Google has not yet presented a proper world cycle map, thus I feel a great demand for cycling map solutions. To point is to provide up-to-date and reliable route suggestions, what could be easily done within google’s map (click the image beyond!) but they would need worldwide input about cycling facilities…

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Here comes some other nice projects:


Opencyclemap shown as layer of the original Openstreetmap

Show me a bigger map

An international cycling map created from OSM data is available, provided by Andy Allan. The map rendering is still being improved, the data is updated every few days. It shows National Cycle Network cycle routes, other regional and local routes, and other cycling-specific features, such as:

It can not plan a route standalone, however others are keenly working on that:

In my opinion this could be a perfect solution for cycling activists, volunteers, NGOs and even for the mayor’s house to provide a free cycling map for both citizens in the neighbourhood and tourists visiting your city by bike.


This map could be considered as a pile of sheets… But before you judge upon a solution which does nothing else than overlaps collected GPS routes of cyclists, please keep in mind the anecdot which tells about the design of footpath in brand new residential areas. People start to move in, walk to the shop or post office, than the crowd will tread the commonly agreed path which can be than paved. There is an application for iOS and Android smartphones to record and process your routes to the online database which is than visualised on google’s map.

The project was iniciated in Budapest, where cycling has still less than 5% in the modal share and the cycling network exists of shorter or longer sections but interconnections do not yet exist. If we compare the costs of a real survey and the price of only one smartphone app expert than the price/value looks pretty well for the Urban Cycler.

A day of Budapest in bikers’ GPS tracks. SubMap ( is a unique tool to visualize geographic and time-based data on distorted maps. It has a huge potential in coping with data from a physically distributed network of independent sensors.

3. BIKEMAP.NET is also collecting GPS-recorded cycle routes and has a lot of nice features, however I could not search effectively for long distance itineraries when my friends were planning their Budapest – Berlin bike trip… :-/



Feel free to tell your opinion here:

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