Bicycle Parking Facilities

There are some really rear places where public security is so good that bike theft is absolutely not an issue. Well, I have lost a couple of my bikes because of improper bike locking facilities so let me share the main principles of ordinary and custom made racks.

1. Please do not invest in cheap but insecure solutions.

There are relatively a lot of people who’s biggest fear is to loose their personal belonging. Your bike rack must be able to be locked to the bicycle frame by a short U-lock. This can be achieved by solid railings or flexible security wires.

I suggest you to have a look on the “brochure” of the German Cyclists’ Club, in which their preferred products are collected. They have a quality assurance system and also promote their local manufacturers !-) Well done!

2. Conserve the environment! Protect trees by fences and buildings by railings.

This can be a cheap but rather effective product for downtown areas, also easily affordable by individuals when the local government don’t want or cannot invest in ‘hi-tech’ bike parking facilities. It has the advantage that the bike must be paralell with and also close to the wall.

3. Ordinary bike parking

It is now mandatory for museums, office buildings, clubs and restaurants in order to decrease occurancy of bicycle theft.

4. Add some value to your business or simply involve your friends when creating unique DIY solutions, like these here (click to open a gallery)

Click on the image to open gallery for custom made and DIY bicycle racks. Fhotos have been collected from personal collection and :-P

5. When you need really big capacities or high-end solutions.


Illustrations with the orange bike have been published in the “Fahrradparken in Berlin (2008 March)” booklet. [Layout/Grafik: kontakt [@t] schein]