I am Zsolt Kilián, a new generation MSc. traffic engineer living in Budapest, Hungary.

During the last 10 years I have travelled to and observed thousands of settlements around Western and Eastern Europe, too.

I believe that powerful passenger cars and 40 tonne lorries will still play main roles in transportation in the next decades, though we all need to realise its side effects and take actions against noise and air pollution, segregation, stress and increasing costs of both individual car traffic and public transport systems not to forget about their external costs! Anyway, it is never too late to plan and implement complex mobility solutions in your neighborhood to save huge money for the citizens and to increase indirect revenues in the economy.

My mission with this blog is to present you ideas, knowledge, and a supporting background when you are dreaming about sustainable transportation in your livable city, which moreover has a good connection to touristic bike routes. I plan to post some nice and some bad examples together with my comments. Feel free to follow me in cyber-space or contact me personally.

I usually organise study tours about walking and cycling in Budapest for transportation and communication professionals. Not so long ago I had the pleasure to do this with the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Here you can watch some short talks: video-1 // video-2 // video-3

My professional carrier…

While studying at Budapest University of Technology and Economics from 2001 I started to work for an NGO called IAESTE in 2005. The mission of the association is to transfer knowledge, technical experience and cultural understandings between its 85 member countries.

My first paid job (2008-2010) was at Robert Bosch where I could participate in their so-called Junior Management Programme. Indeed, I appreciate the chance to see and learn how a business should precisely run when I was assigned to the design, production, purchasing and sales departments for 6-6 months in Budapest, Miskolc, Barcelona and Germany.

But in 2010 my passion about new challenges drifted me into the wind power business as I got a really good offer to travel and work (a lot) for Siemens as a wind turbine technician. Like this I could climb on and play with 90 meter high wind mills in working time and go out for lots of bicycle (and fly-fishing) study tours in the Netherlands, Denmark, England, Scotland and Ireland.

Since 2010 too, I contribute in the work of the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club as a technical advisor at internal and public plan reviews. I am also involved into European cycling projects like VOCA and CARMA. My first publication in printed book is coming out in Q2 2013.


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