Intermodal connections

I am a pedestrian. I am a passanger on a bus, a train, an airplane, I am a cyclist, I am a driver… I am all these once at a time. Sometimes I want to leave my bike at the train station but sometimes I need to take it with me. Sometimes I choose individual car but I would rather choose some car-pooling option when parking is impossible close to my door. Trams are good but trains are even better. Bus service is still the most flexible way to run a municipal network, when bus lanes are clear of traffic jams. Finally I need to mention my passion about boats and water itself.


Inter-changeing between bicycle and suburban trains can be facilitated by high quality design and facilities. Here you can virtually go through Houten, the Dutch “car-free” city.

One of the strangest public transport stuffs are elevators, for sure. They eliminate steep sessions as they connect two flat sessions of your pedestrian or bicycle journey. I want to show you examples for both.

1. The elevator Santa Justa (Lisbon, Portugal) which is not only touristic attraction but an important part of the urban transit system.

2. The bike lift in Trondheim (Norway)