I was born and raised in one of the most car-loving towns of Hungary and after high school I started my studies at the Technical University of Budapest on the faculty of Transportation Engineering, which was (and still is) a magnet for car- and train-loving people.

Since that, I’ve travelled around at least a million kilometers by feet, car, bus, tram, train, plain and some rare, strange and quite interesting modes of transport. And to be honest, I would love to try out space tourism at an affordable price. Therefore, I must tell you that I’m not against capitalism, nor those thousands of great engineers, economists, marketing and communication experts who tries to produce and sell millions of motorised vehicles fur us. But I tell you that I really don’t like the side-effects of the “evolution of transportation”.

When I learnt cycling it was one of the most motivating success stories of my whole life. I must felt something that Albert Hoffman did when first experienced the LSD, a substance what he invented unintentionally and what took him onto the biggest journey of mankind in history. So I highly appreciate for my dad that he taught me to ride. It is an ability that I use almost every day and have became my profession for a while.

I am now working as an independant mobility advisor, mainly for the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club in Budapest.

This blog supposed to be a place where I want to share my ideas and opinions with kind friends and colleagues, including you since now. :-)


Feel free to tell your opinion here:

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